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America's Food Partnership

Focus on our own backyard - Hunger in the United States of America.

Our daily mission and top priority is to help feed America's children and adults who are impoverished, hungry and facing malnutrition.

Poverty in the U.S. is at record levels and in turn, food insecurity is rampant. This is a real dilemma in America today.  People are in desperate need of food and basic nutritional essentials.

The statistics are staggering: At last count, approximately 50.2 million Americans, 17 million of whom are children, lived in households without proper food sources. Imagine waking up just as hungry and thirsty as the day before without any hope or resources available within reach. There is no reason why any American should ever go to bed hungry or thirsty.

With your help and compassion, coupled with our organization, we can reach our citizens in need. We have helped our community neighbors for the last twenty years supplying nutritional resources. They have relied on us and welcome our assistance with gratitude.